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51st New York Volunteer Infantry

Welcome to the homepage of the 51st New York Volunteer Infantry 



New York Volunteer Infantry


a Ninth Corps Regiment


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Welcome to the 51st New York Infantry

Ninth Corps Badge


For more information on the Fifty-First New York Infantry or to share information contact:

Sue Ramsey - Site Coordinator , Dale Niesen - Site Webmaster


Frank Doran - Site Unit Historian

The 51st New York Infantry Civil War website is presented to you through a partnership between Sue Ramsey of Santa Barbara, California and Dale Niesen of South Rockwood, Michigan.  Please contact Sue Ramsey  for inquiries concerning the 51st New York Infantry or to share information.  To report any errors found on the site, contact Dale Niesen.  If you have artifacts, letters or images, etc to be shared and posted on the site contact Mr. Niesen.


Established October 11, 2003

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